Imperial Family

The royal family of the Illumian empire, lords of Akheta, the Sheratari clan, blessed by the light goddess Jebreia with divine power.

After the Kyuran and Ritta joined up, diplomacy was still occasionally sour. Two different groups don’t easily get along, even when they have joined up willingly. Likewise, having a leader to control the entire empire became difficult. However, an Impetuous Kyuran prince, Alion, found love in the daughter of the Rittan Lord. Despite disapproval, he took her as wife, marrying her in secret. The Kyuran emperor found out of this wedding, and sent his guards to dismantle it.

However, when the guards arrived, they found the marriage taking place in an open-ceiling temple. Line suddenly shone down before them, so bright that it blinded them and stopped them in their tracks. Jebreia intervened, and insisted that this marriage would take place. The guards went to their knees, and simply bowed in awe.

When a son was born of the two, he was blessed with the power of the goddess. A new family name was formed: Sheratari, meaning “Power of the Light”. The Kyuran and Ritta both simply bowed as the family took its rightful place, leading Akheta.

This was all a very long time ago, of course.

The modern day Sheratari family is in-bred, but still supernaturally powerful. They have authority over everyone else, and are both cultural and religious icons of their people. The emperor’s face is rarely seen, and, as the family is relatively in-bred, they often do not interact with outsiders. Still, they technically hold the most power out of any establishment in the empire that they, themselves, own.

Imperial Family

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