The Draconic Council

Much like the The Arcanist’s Guild in Selera, the Draconic Council is a register and training organization for all mages. It is possible to be an illegal mage in Akheta, surprisingly, as you must be registered with the council in order to have permission to use your magic.

Formed by the Imperial Family to keep magic under control, the Draconic Council soon became out of their control. The influence they wield over the city, and the entire empire, is massive. Slaves are brought to them to test magical spells, and the lower classes are crushed under their sheer power, both political and supernatural. When the Council tells the clans, the military, or even imperial family that they want something, the other group often has no choice but to submit. They control all the mages, and it is written into law that any non-registered magic user will be forced to be admitted to the Order. In addition, a magical user who has joined the Order, and does not listen to the demands of those higher than him, is torn. Robbed of his ability to use magic. The Cloister has tried to gleam information of how this is done. It is not known whether they were successful, but if they were they have never done it.

There are two sides of the Draconic Council: The Council itself, the the Order of Mages that they control. All Illumian mages, as said before, are forced into the Order. The Council proper, however, is a council of ten mages, led by the Archmage, that decides with absolute power what the Mages of the empire shall do.

In short, the Order has the highest position of power within the city, other than the Imperial Family itself, and the Draconic Council has absolute power over them. This means, of course, that they theoretically control most of the Clans (which are largely led by Kyurans). However, they don’t tend to wield this influence unless there is something they really want, and allow the families to continue their aristocratic battles of influence.

The Draconic Council

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