The Red Band

A group of Mercenaries flaunting cleaner reputations and more “standard” employees than the Blackhunters. They are based in Blackwall, and their organization tends to commonly employ those relieved of service from the military, though they will never admit it, and if they did, it would still give them a better repute than most Blackhunters. In order to signal their allegiance, they typically wear a red arm or headband.

In order to keep their reputation, the Red Band will not hire the following:

  • Anyone convicted of a crime in the last year
  • Races other than Humans, Dwarves, Elves, or Halflings
  • Anyone who is an unlicensed mage
  • Anyone who is a member of the Varden
  • Anyone who was ever a Blackhunter

By the way they hate Blackhunters

The Red Band

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