Far to the south of the Illumian Empire, across thick ocean currents, is Haggoroth, a place named for the Witches that attacked, killed, and then ritualistically ate the first, second, and third groups that tried to map it out. There are humanoid civilizations in Haggoroth, but the ones that there are are brutal and barbaric, and the most dominant cultures are believed to be ruthless matriarchies that drain the seed from men, kill them, cannibalize their bodies, and then grind their bones to build structures.

There are believed to be three times as many hostile fey, lycanthropes, magical beasts, dire animals, Hags, and other monsters in Haggoroth as there are in the Illumian Empire. The weather is dangerous, and tall trees are often knocked over by ferocious winds, killing anyone foolish enough to camp out in a tent in their sleep.

Diseases run rampant. Half of the first scouting party was dead before they ran into the Witches.

Unwilling to lose valuable members of its community, the Illumian Empire has decided to send slaves and prisoners to Haggoroth to expand the empire through manpower alone, regardless of the quality of said men. To be fair, it has been ruled that only those convicted of crimes worthy of a possible death sentence should be sent to Haggoroth, as Haggoroth is, after all, a death sentence.


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