The Unspoken

Alignment: Always Chaotic Evil

Favored Weapon: None

Domain: Varies

The Unspoken are just that, never mentioned in polite company. They cannot be called evil, because evil does not describe them. Needless to say, however, they make Felok the liar look mischievous in comparison. The reports vary. Some believe that there are five of them, or seven, sometimes even seventeen. However, there is always one consistency: they are to be feared.

Unspoken temples are not kept in cities. Though there are cults dedicated to them in existence. However, those that remain are quite good at hiding. We don’t know the nature of the Gods, or what they actually do with their power. What we do know is that if their followers engage in unspeakable rituals, so much so that if you are captured by an Unspoken cult, it is recommended that you find a way to kill yourself as soon as possible.

The Unspoken

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